Raspberry Lemonade with a Sparkle


A few weeks ago my hubby and I went to BJ’s for lunch and I had this amazing Raspberry Lemonade! With the ingredients listed in the menu it sure made it easy to duplicate this recipe. Although I don’t have the exact measurements, I made this drink to taste. Just add more or less of the raspberry syrup depending on how sweet you may or may not want it. The result is a nice refreshing drink to have any time of the year. One note, this drink doesn’t have to be limited to raspberry, just pick your favorite syrup. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Torani (or comprable raspberry syrup)
Sierra Mist soda


Put ice in glass and add desired amount of syrup. It’s best to start off with less syrup and you can always add more if it needs to be sweeter.

syrup in glass

Add desired amount of lemonade.

lemonade added

Fill remaining glass with Sierra Mist soda.

Sierra Mist added



Enjoy :).


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