Shopping and good food

Who knew shopping could tire you out so much? Yesterday hubby and I were out all day registering for baby items when we realized we were absolutely famished. Taking a break from scanning the never ending list of necessary baby items, we headed across the parking lot for lunch. We have been to BJ’s a few times before and either it’s new or I’ve just never noticed, but they have a great lunch deal.

front of bj's

Not only being completely starved, I was so parched I could have drank anything. Water is my go to drink these days, but have you ever been to BJ’s and seen their menu of drinks? Granted a lot of the items are centered around the different beers they offer, but since that is off my list, I browsed the “Mocktails” section. The one I decided upon was their Sparkling Raspberry Lemonade and with unlimited refills, it sure hit the spot!

mocktails menu


Both hubby and I decided to take advantage of one of their lunch specials. We both chose the soup and salad combination.

lunch specials

I chose the house salad with Italian dressing while hubby chose the Caesar salad. We both ended up having the chicken noodle soup which was pretty close to homemade. While we waited on our lunch to arrive, we split an order of mozzarella cheese sticks…like I said, we were starving 🙂

cheese sticks

Lunch has arrived 🙂



With our bellies full, we were ready to tackle the world of baby shopping again…either that or take a nap 🙂


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