Sugar on Snow

Show Outside

I cannot believe how much snow we have gotten this year! Over 2-3 days, we got about 28” of the white stuff, and we are in California! It can almost be overwhelming because we knew another storm was coming in a few more days, but there’s got to be something good about it right? My husband always talks about when he was growing up in Vermont, which obviously gets their share of snow, they would occasionally make sugar on snow. The most important part is to make sure you get the freshest, whitest snow. Hold onto your sweet tooth 🙂

Snow and Maple Syrup
Pure Maple syrup

Heat maple syrup to 225 degrees Celsius
Heat Maple Syrup

When syrup reaches 225 degrees Celsius, drizzle over clean snow
Drizzle over clean snow

Immediately lift with a fork and enjoy your maple candy or “sugar on snow”.
Lift off and enjoy


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