The Original Toasted Ravioli

After a long winter, I was ready for summer!  My summer begins with the annual Italian Picnic held the first weekend in June in Sutter Creek, CA.  Our family has always used this time as our family reunion.  This year, the party was held at my parents.  For the weeks leading up to the Italian Picnic, I was racking my brain on what I should bring.  I recently tried making pesto, and it ended up tasting like my grandma’s, or at least what my memory is of hers.  So it was decided that I would make pesto.  A few days before the party, my mom asked what I was bringing and I happily told her that I would make pesto.  She didn’t sound quite as excited as I did, but she said that was “fine”.  Fine….I was waiting for “Great”.  Let me explain, I know pesto is not that difficult to make, so realistically, I’m not expecting that big of a deal made about it, but I have never been one to cook.  Now baking, that’s a different story, I was always baking growing up.  However, I got married a year ago and realized that cooking for myself and my husband has now become part of my daily routine.  You know what???  I kind of like it, there is a whole new world out there, and I’m loving it.  Now back to the Italian Picnic.  My mom’s less than enthusiastic response was due to the fact that she wanted me to make Toasted Ravioli.   Being from St. Louis, toasted ravioli is a staple there.  When I moved to California, I was very proud to introduce some St. Louis specialties to the west coast.  To my surprise, some people have heard of them before.  However, they refer to them as “fried ravioli”; a disgrace to a native St. Louisian.  For the party, I decided to make the pesto, but also agreed to the toasted ravioli.  With the weather in the upper 90’s, standing over a deep fryer was not my ideal situation.  To my surprise, I ended up having the best area of the party.  We set up a card table along the house, back by the pool.  I was covered from the sun on the patio; positioned next to the beverage cooler, and got to see everyone that came into the house and out by the pool.  Making the ravioli “to order”, was an appetizer success, there wasn’t a single one left.  Toasted Ravioli were invented in St. Louis, so as a native, I will always refer to them as “Toasted Ravioli” because it is the proper name…..and it just sounds healthier than fried.

Recipe for The Original Toasted Ravioli

 1 Cup milk
 1 large egg, lightly beaten
 2 C dry Italian seasoned breadcrumbs
 1 pkg frozen ravioli
 2 qts vegetable oil for frying
 Grated parmesan cheese
 Fresh marinara

Combine milk and egg in a bowl, making an egg wash.  Place bread crumbs in a separate bowl.  Dip frozen ravioli in milk wash and coat with breadcrumbs.  Place in hot oil 350 degrees.  Fry ravioli until golden brown.  Place on drainboard, sprinkle with parmesan cheese, and serve immediately with marinara.

Toasted Ravioli

Recipe: The Hill, It’s History–It’s Recipes
Photo: blueberryhill

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